I’m nomadic, I do all kinds of things to scrape a living without resorting to wage slavery.

I think co-ops and commons might be the way forward but I’m not very sociable. I hang about on the fringes of Radical Routes (network of co-ops for radical social change). I’m involved in co-ordinating The Green Gathering, a festival ‘beyond hedonism’. I was arrested at Barton Moss for walking too slowly in front of a fracking truck. I’ve done stuff with Dirty Girls of Lesvos Island and Refugee Community Kitchen and Extinction Rebellion. I’m not a hero. Some people don’t much like me.

This blog was inspired by spending four months camped on the cobbles outside St Paul’s Cathedral with Occupy London in 2011-2012. I went to St Paul’s to check out the camp and donate some LED lighting. I stayed and, years later, still count a handful of former Occupiers amongst my good friends.

Some of the writing here was produced for The Occupied Times, a print newspaper and website begun in the first week of Occupy London, which for a year I helped to edit and produce. A few of the pieces on my blog have been published elsewhere (for a while I got quite excited and thought I might become ‘a writer’) – New Internationalist, Reuters Trustlaw, Occupy News Network (ONN), Occupy London, Manchester Climate Monthly, Adbusters, STIR – and one was included in the Utopia edition of The Idler. Other posts are stream-of-consciousness journal jottings; press releases I’ve worked on; or occasionally reblogs of things other people wrote.

Travelling, writing, reading, festivals, fires, friends and dancing are my favourite things. I’d like to save the planet and democracy but it’s a big job.


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7 thoughts on “About

  1. The more the merrier.

    Information is free.

  2. Dear Hazel

    I enjoyed reading your posts. Keep them up. How about adding a subscribers box so that people (like me) can add their email addresses and receive notification when you write a new post. This is easy to do in WordPress.


  3. Tanya Paton says:

    Hi Hazel,
    Is Occupy Nomads a working group @ Occupy London, as I am part of the Occupy Faith working group and we are walking a Pilgrimage for Justice in June, which I want to invite the Occupy Nomads to join us on, especially as it is a nomadic thing to be walking and camping en route to Canterbury – but in urban areas. Check out the website for more details, but if you could put me in touch with anyone form Occupy Nomads, that would be great. I did think there was someon called Kay who was part of Occupy Nomads, but I seem to have lost her email address.
    The website: occupyfaith.org.uk

    • Hazel Hedge says:

      Occupy Nomads is a semi-autonomous London-based Occupy group. I’ll email you and put you in touch with the Nomads. My next blog, to be posted soon, will contain more info on the Nomads. They are currently welcoming visitors in Haggerston Park, Hackney.

  4. Naomi Evans says:

    Brilliant piece and writing and insight into what’s going on. My eyes are now wide open. Stand united and keep on fighting this worthy cause, and Thankyou from all of us who can’t be there to support you. Good luck Hazel Hedge, I’ll be keeping note of what’s going, by receiving notifications of new posts. I do enjoy your descriptive writing and style, I almost felt like I was there!

  5. diggers2012 says:

    Wanted to let you know the similar Forest of Dean / Yorkley Court Eco needs help as people are crossing their lines… please see:

    https://yorkleycourt.wordpress.com/ <—— News: Forest of Dean / Yorkley Court Eco
    https://yorkleycourt.wordpress.com/contact/ <—— Address & Contact details (go go go !)

    These kind people need help now… see what your heart says or simply visit a nice place… I hope you get this message well and feel free to email about anything (quick response)

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