Em n D laughing

I haven’t blogged for a long time. It’s old hat in the days of instagram, isn’t it?

Also, I’ve been busy. Busy being in hospital. My partner has leukaemia, he’s been in hospital for most of the last seven months. I’ve been sleeping in a van in the carpark outside the hospital, working from a corner of his hospital room, adapting to this surreal and devastating situation because what else can you do?

Now I want you to help me #SaveDave. Yes, there’s a call to action coming (go straight to action without reading the rest if you like).

Save Dave? You might think – why bother?

He’s just another 50-something white guy, haven’t we got plenty of those?

But Dave Weirdigan (aka Dave Brooks) isn’t just any old bloke.

Dave is one of the most generous, supportive, open-minded, big-hearted, community-focused men I’ve come across.

If all the 50-something white guys in the world were like Dave we’d be living in a caring, co-operative, inclusive, diversity-welcoming utopia… with a great soundtrack and compulsory dancing.

Dave’s got leukaemia and needs a stem cell transplant to survive. Let’s help him find a donor so he can get on with building towards a better world.

Please, sign up with DKMS to be included on the international register of stem cell donors. Share this call to action. Help me #SaveDave.

For more info or to register as a stem cell donor, check out DKMS:


If you’re not eligible to register (age limit is 18-55 and some other things disqualify people), you can still help spread the word… or donate £s to DKMS so they can keep processing the registrations.
DKMS have branches in Germany, the US and a few other countries; for people living in countries not covered by DKMS, you can look up your national registry here: https://share.wmda.info/display/WMDAREG/Database

(The NHS is brilliant by the way. We need to save that too. To the doctors, nurses and healthcare workers on Ward 88, Jimmy’s… words fail, but y’know, the biggest ever Thank You.)

9 thoughts on “#SaveDave

  1. Lizzie Rosewood says:

    Thinking of you both, sharing your blog. Love you Mum xxx

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Sally Rose says:

    Sending you (both) lots of gentle hugs and love and admiration for what you have (both) achieved in that corner of the hospital room! X 🌟 I’m spreading the word!

  3. Nic Morris says:

    I’m on the DKMS register. . if can help. . would love to do so

  4. lentower says:

    shared via FB & twitter.

  5. Kristina Yelverton Richardson says:

    I tried to register, but I don’t pass the health screener. I’ll share this, though. Thinking of you both, and hoping you can find a match.

  6. Done. Tried it a few weeks ago, but it didn’t work somehow. Succesful now. Thinking of you both and sending love and fortitude. Tom x

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