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Paul Mobbs attempts citizen’s arrest of the UK government

Today, at around 3pm, the inimitable Paul Mobbs attempted a citizen’s arrest of four key members of the UK government at 10 Downing Street, for Misconduct in Public Office (in relation to fracking) and after three hours was arrested.

Mobbs was carrying on his person two years’ worth of research that he had meticulously illustrated in a densely rich “Frackogram” infograph. The research contained in this image alone points at serious misconduct in office – and because it was on his person when he was arrested, it will – according to press releases sent out by supporters, on which this account is based –  be admissible in court as evidence. Mobbs wants everyone to share this information, and his Frackogram, as widely as possible… so much so that it can’t be ignored. It could be invaluable for the anti-fracking cause.

Film of Paul’s attempt to arrest government ministers, with explanation why:

Download the Frackogram:

Read the full story and see the pictures of him getting arrested:

Paul’s research website: