‘Bankers Luv Occupy’

Andy Haldane’s speech has ignited a feisty debate amongst Occupy supporters.

On the one hand: vindication; validation; victory dances; a great big gleeful “told-you-so!” with a massive publicity boost to boot.

On the other hand: there’s rejection of the need or desire to be validated by the very Establishment that has f***ed us over; there’s mistrust and a refusal to be co-opted or used as ‘occupy-wash’ (like greenwash but with respect to economics rather than the environment); and there’s despair at the notion that a few banking reforms will fix everything, when the crisis is way deeper and broader than that.

Debate is good. Bring it on, keep it up, everyone… just keep the pressure on the politicians, the economists, and the corporations too.

Infinite growth is not possible on a planet with finite resources. This is the bottom line.

For a taster of the debate, check the Occupy London website.
For mainstream coverage:









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