Nomads’ Mistake?

UPDATE: The Occupy Nomads at Shadwell did indeed listen to the community and remove themselves from the King Edward’s Memorial Park (KEMP) which they hope will be saved by the locals’ campaign.

We’re all on the same side…

I heard earlier today that the locals are not happy about the Occupy camp at Shadwell and then Paul commented on my blog.

I believe the occupiers will leave this weekend, or may have already? It’s a shame they landed on a memorial park and have upset people. The Nomad camp would not have been intending to stay permanently and I genuinely don’t believe they meant any harm, quite the opposite, but it does sound as though they made a mistake.

The move to Shadwell was made by these nomadic occupiers in haste due to fears of eviction at Mile End. I’ve heard there are good relations between the local community and occupiers at Mile End and that after talks with the local council there is no imminent eviction order there. Those at Shadwell will probably move temporarily back to Mile End.

At Limehouse the occupiers spent 2 weeks on a small plot of land, caused no trouble, and left voluntarily rather than hanging on and getting evicted. They have learnt from problems that occurred at other Occupy camps – not just in London but around the world – that temporary camps are more healthy and constructive than long-term ones and that strict ground-rules for behaviour in camps (no intoxication) is essential.

I hope the residents of Shadwell will not think too badly of these people who are, in their own way – and without meaning to offend anyone except the elite 1% –  fighting for economic and social justice for us all.

I watched the film that Paul, who commented on my blog, linked to. At least one of the nomads looked like he wanted to engage, to have a conversation with the person filming and perhaps explain their purpose, their plans. I’d have been interested to see what he said, had he been given the chance to speak. I know that man and he is a very honourable and reasonable man.

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