An Occupy Poem

This was written by Toni Spencer.

Reading it made my spine tingle and the hairs on my arms stand up. So I asked her if I could share it here.

Occupy is an Invitation

It’s 3.43 in the morning and I can’t sleep…

I am woken by a Mic check

[Mic check]

“This is just the beginning.

Occupy is a process.”

Mic check

[Mic check]

“Slow it down,

the issues of our times are urgent.

Slow it down,

Your attention is needed.

Occupy is an invitation

To wake up

Join us

Occupy is an invocation

To wake up

We the people

Are the ones we’ve been waiting for

We have lost our faith in the leadership of government and big business

We have found our faith in each other

We have found our humanity in the beauty

and the clumsiness that is Occupy

We are finding our way.

Occupy is a process.

We the people

Are so many more than you see here today.

And we the people

Are a voice for all peoples and beings who have no voice

Occupy is process

Occupy is community

Occupy is an invitation

To wake up

Occupy is an invitation

To wake up

To be the change we want to see in this world

To be the courage that asks questions

To be the patience that takes time to find answers

The be the hearts not prepared to wait any longer

for the madness to end.

Occupy is an invitation

for love

made visible

For humanity

To wake up

To wake up

Join us.”

Toni Spencer

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