Another week… in the Life of LSX Occupier Hazel Hedge

Week number??? Recalculate, recalculate… oh dear I’ve lost track.

Being kept busy.

Writing for the Occupied Times and collaborating on press releases for the Occupy London website.

Tweeting and retweeting fascinating, funny and frightening facts. Also working to improve financial responsibility and internal communications of Occupy London. Check the Forum for more on these subjects.

Helping to clean up after violent storms and vile tent-slashers. Working with the Shelter Working Group to find tents and bedding for new recruits to Occupy LSX.

Attempting to improve the output of our solar-power system at St Paul’s.

Managed to squeeze in a friend’s wedding in the wilds of Cumbria. Discovered that absence from camp combined with no internet access for 36 hours engenders Occupiers’ Anxiety Syndrome.

There’s been a complete overhaul of the Bank of Ideas; Occupied Justice is planning its trials of the 1%; the Finsbury site is plotting its vegetable plots; and at St Paul’s we’re all packing in as much education, entertainment and outreach work as possible while awaiting Judgement Day and considering which affinity group to join should there be an eviction.

Some Occupiers will undoubtedly adopt a stubborn stance – “We will not be moved! (until you drag us out forcibly)”. Others counsel a dignified voluntary downsizing at St Paul’s on the basis that we’ve done what we came to do with the LSX camp and now need to free up our energy for outreach and other work. I’m inclined to this viewpoint, so long as we retain an ‘Embassy’ at St Paul’s from which to interact with press, public, church and city and providing we continue to hold General Assemblies on the cathedral steps – more so when attending them is not a battle against wind-chill factors that not even tights, leggings, trousers, three pairs of socks and seven layers on the top half can withstand.



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