Week 8 and a half… In the Life of LSX Occupier Hazel Hedge

Is it week eight or week nine? I may have missed one. Every day feels like many. A week is eternity and yet gone in a flash. So much happens so fast.

I’m in Yorkshire. Had a blissful bath. Missing LSX and my friends there. They are friends now, I believe we’ll stay in touch whatever happens. But family is important too. Torn. No, it’s right to be here at Christmas. I’ll return to St Paul’s for New Year.

I’ve been dabbling in the writing of Press Releases. Big up to the Occupy London Press Crew. I’m often still writing and emailing at 2am… they go on until 3.30 and beyond; I’m not sure when they sleep. Big up to the gentle grafters of the camp too. Joey, Earthian, David, Vernon, Mandy, John, Phil and scores of others, some whose names I haven’t even learned yet.

We took a new building – Old Street Magistrates’ Court, now renamed ‘Occupied Justice’ and all set to bring the 1% to account. Occupying the streets with the Peace-Tank of Ideas was fun.

General Assemblies have been heated as we attempt to hone our act and define Occupy’s remit… still, in the last week a number of us have remarked on an increased sense of community. Maybe the threat of eviction has helped to bond us against a common enemy. Maybe we’ve been infused with festive good will. Either way, barriers are being broken down.

I’ve learned to be calm except for rare occasions when I feel I need to make a point and rational conversation won’t or hasn’t worked. I’ve learned to be tolerant and compassionate, more than I was before.

Occupy has become my life. I’m not sure how or when or whether I’ll be able to shrug it off. I don’t want to lose my home, my relationships, my business. I have to find ways to balance these things.

Changing the world is exciting. Exhausting. Exhilarating.

Roll on into 2012 and the era of Radical Change. With all its chaos and all its beauty.

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2 thoughts on “Week 8 and a half… In the Life of LSX Occupier Hazel Hedge

  1. opaz2 says:

    challenge the 1%…

    there’s some kind of exponential formula that describes income distribution… it’s gradually moving in favour of the rich…

    we need somehow to let them know that we won’t play the game anymore…

    this may include boycotting ‘christmas’..


  2. marcusmoore says:

    Thanks for pointing me towards your blogs, Hazel. Plenty of great reading material over lunch tomorrow, the 25th!

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