Week 4 in the Life… of LSX Occupier Hazel Hedge

This was the week we were served with an eviction notice, the week that the Quakers offered their full support to the Occupy Movement , the week that 89-year-old former reverend John Papworth gave a rousing speech to a packed General Assembly (and began planning his 90th birthday party, to be held at OccupyLSX)…

This was the week my article ‘What do Bankers have to do with Oceans, Ice Sheets and Orang Utans?’ was published in The Occupied Times, the week Schnews did a great OccupyMovement news round-up, the week Max began serious ‘winterising’ of the camp with palletts, rubber sheeting, gutters and bubble-wrap insulation…

This was the week we opened the Bank of Ideas, wired in the first on-site solar panels at Finsbury Square, got down to some serious planning of the the Big Green Day to be held on 17th Dec at St Paul’s.

This was the week I succumbed to a nasty cold and cough, the week I managed to fulfill previous commitments be at a Three Daft Monkeys gig in Yorkshire, a 50th birthday party in Brighton and be back at OccupyLSX in time to be at four different Working Group meetings on Monday…

Time is strange here. Stretchy.

Rude person of the week award goes to the smartly-dressed woman who asked “If you’re all so great, where’s your recycling?” When I pointed out our recycling area, she threw an apple core at me, sneering “Recycle that for me then.”


Luckily most visitors to the camp are rather more open-minded; many are heart-warmingly supportive and that’s a big part of what keeps our morale up.

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