Ten Commitments

Thanks to C.F-D., a regular day-visitor to OccupyLSX, for this idea.

Democracy, equality, inclusivity, respect, honesty and free-flow of information are central tenets of the OccupyLSX camp and many Occupations worldwide. By committing ourselves to the following ten principles of behaviour, I believe we’d make our camp a more pleasant, safe and productive space… and potentially a model for wider society. If the whole world signed up to these TEN COMMITMENTS, imagine what kind of place it might become…

These Commitments have not been agreed by OccupyLSX. I read them out at a General Assembly and received a warm response but on a second reading failed to achieve consensus. The Strategy Working Group is now considering how to present such a code of values as part of the Occupy strategy.


1. We aim to provide for basic human needs (for example food, clean water, shelter, warmth, security, community, education, leisure, meaningful pursuits) and to nurture the best qualities of humanity (for example co-operation, compassion, creativity).

2. We respect each other and members of our wider communities.

3. Individuals and groups have responsibility to their wider communities.

4. Individuals and groups take responsibility for caring for their immediate and wider environment.

5. We strive to achieve the best possible balance between the needs, rights and responsibilities of individuals.

6. We agree to work transparently and to act with honesty and integrity.

7. We are committed to achieving real democracy, in which every voice is listened to.

8. We believe that decisions are best informed by knowledge, hence we aim to provide and encourage education, research and skill-shares.

9. We aim to remain peaceful in all situations.

10. We aim to create a just, fair and equal society which does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, sexuality, class, nationality, ability or belief system – so long as the belief system is in accordance with the values contained in these commitments.

Comments welcome.

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2 thoughts on “Ten Commitments

  1. clegyrboia says:

    please link up with this organisation they work already for 10 years on what could be done to stop this marketing system to go wheeeee out of hand


    it can give you some ideas and make the movement stronger


  2. hey, I can post.

    wordpress let me log in via my twitter account details… which they gleaned somehow…

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